Things to do
in Luxembourg-City?

Immerse yourself in the impressive range of tourist sites you could only dream of in
this bustling and lively cosmopolitan city, that has still managed to maintain its human side! 

What to do in the city of Luxembourg

Immerse yourself in the impressive range of tourist sites you could only dream of in this bustling and lively cosmopolitan city, that has still managed to maintain its human side! Luxembourg-City is full of history, brimming with artistic and cultural treasures just waiting to be visited, full of attractions and picturesque spots just waiting to be discovered, sprinkled with anecdotes and legends just waiting to be told.

The city of Luxembourg has been a real textbook case of European military architecture and it has changed hands many times throughout its existence. Italian, Spanish, Belgian, French, Austrian, Dutch and Prussian engineers all played a part in the progressive extension of the fortifications of this stronghold. Some of their work still remains and what remains reflects the very soul of Luxembourg tourism! The fortifications and the old town have been classified as world heritage sites by UNESCO since 1994. Discover the contrasts of a city in the heart of Europe - 365 days of the year!

Welcome to the heart of Europe and enjoy exploring Luxembourg-City, where you'll never run out of things to do.

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Chemin de la Corniche

Monuments and places

Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator

Monuments and places

Place de la Constitution


Bock Promontory

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Visit the Casemates

Take a deep dive into the city and discover the history of a little-known world, that of the casemates. A story that began in 963 and which has travelled through time to reveal itself to you today.

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Attractions: Get ready for some great discoveries

The historic city was one of the most formidable fortresses in Europe until the 19th century.
The fortifications and old parts of the city, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, are incredibly well preserved. We wish you a wonderful discovery of the historic treasures and curiosities of the city.

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The "Visit Luxembourg" brochure presents all the information you will need to experience the best of the city: the prettiest views, the diverse guided tours, feedback from other visitors, the main attractions, cultural events and more.

This brochure is also available at the tourist office, come and visit us to receive information and advice!

Frequently asked questions

Full of charm and history Luxembourg City holds many treasures to be discovered whether it is alone, with friends or with family.

Its many historical monuments such as the grand-ducal Palace, the Cathedral "Notre-Dame de Luxembourg", the Adolphe Bridge bear witness to its rich past and like in a storybook they will plunge you into a forgotten era.

Gorgeous views of Luxembourg City await you on the Chemin de la Corniche, also known as “the most beautiful balcony in Europe”, as well as in the Pfaffenthal panoramic lift.

To make sure you don't miss a thing during your visit, find the main monuments to visit here.

Want to discover the best of Luxembourg City with an official guide? We offer a wide range of guided tours that will delight all visitors.

Architecture and history enthusiasts, families with children as well as nature lovers, will find bespoke tours tailored to their interests.

You can also visit the city by bus and by “Pétrusse Express” (small tourist train).

Discover all our guided tours here.

Luxembourg City has a large number of museums and exhibition venues. History, modern art and contemporary art in particular are on display in the various museums of the city.

Among the museums located in Luxembourg City you will find:

Check out the list of all the museums here.

It is possible to discover the architectural remains of the fortifications of Luxembourg City, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Bock and Pétrusse CasematesChemin de la Corniche and many other fortifications can be visited.

Explore the list of all fortifications and their opening information here.

Looking for green spaces and a time to relax? Luxembourg City offers peaceful walking paths, parks to unwind, as well as other outdoor activities.

Green spaces

A quarter of the city of Luxembourg is made up of green spaces, perfect places to gather with family or friends. Walk in the footsteps of history, picnic in large parks and more. Find all the information on parks in Luxembourg City here:

Ideas for walks

The Wenzel Circular Walk takes you through the old quarters of the city and alongside the fortifications listed as UNESCO World Heritage since 1994.

The City Promenade allows you to discover the main sights and tourist highlights of Luxembourg City.

You also have the option to book a guided tour and be accompanied by an official guide of the Luxembourg City Tourist Office. If you would like to book a guided tour exclusively for your family and/or friends you can also request a private guide.

The Skatepark

The city of Luxembourg is equipped with an ultra modern skatepark in the heart of the Pétrusse Valley, which is an exceptional place to discover. Find more information about the skatepark here.

Explore the city by "Vel’oh" bike

The city of Luxembourg provides self-service electric bikes called "Vel'OH" available on terminals scattered throughout the city. Once you chose a subscription plan, the first 30 minutes of using the bike are always free. To find out more visit the website:

Throughout the year, many events take place in Luxembourg City. Weekly markets, national events, flea markets and festivals punctuate the calendar of the capital.

Markets and flea markets

Relax by strolling through fresh produce markets, flea markets and art markets. Find all the information on the addresses and opening hours of these markets.

As one of the biggest funfairs in Europe and a traditional event in Luxembourg, the Schueberfouer usually takes place from late August to mid-September. 

More information on the Schueberfouer here.