Places of worship to discover

The places are steeped in history just waiting to be unveiled. The cemeteries, churches and the Cathedral of Luxembourg also prove to be cultural attractions not to be missed.

Churches & cemeteries in Luxembourg-City

Luxembourg City - an icon of contemporary art

In a capital as compact as that of Luxembourg-City, it is simply amazing to find so many museums and art galleries.

Grouped under the label of "MuseumSmile", the city’s museums can be connected together like points on a city map. The route they form looks like a smile but it is not actually as long as the name suggests. Although the short distances may make it easier to visit the permanent and temporary exhibitions, it is in fact the diversity and originality of these seven cultural institutions in the shape of an arc travelling through the very ridged topography of the city that invite people to simply "go there".

The European quarter, on the Kirchberg plateau, is the contemporary counterpart of the multi-secular fortifications. Renowned architects, such as Richard Meier from New York, or Chinese-American celebrity Ieoh Ming Pei, have left their mark there. Discover a real cluster of architecture and be amazed by the unique artistic concept of the Musée d’art moderne Grand-Duc Jean (MUDAM)!

Luxembourg City, a bastion of contemporary art and an unexpected gallery for so many artists!