The Grund: Luxembourg’s unforgettable fairy tale district

Full of breathtaking views and picture-perfect nature backdrops, the Grund is the perfect place to experience Luxembourg City’s most iconic and scenic sights.

The Grund district: A charming jewel in the heart of Luxembourg City

With historical references dating back to the 14th century, this picturesque and idyllic district is one of Luxembourg’s oldest.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994, it is located in the lower part of the city right in the heart of the old fortress, which was built over nine centuries, only to be demolished in 1867 as part of the Treaty of London.

Described by many as “a village within a city”, the Grund has a much calmer and quieter feeling than the nearby city centre, which can be easily accessed on foot or by public lift. Its location, deep in a valley and surrounded by the beautiful Alzette River, gives it a unique and memorable character.

Come and discover for yourself this unique district of Luxembourg City, full of charm and history, ideal for a peaceful stroll out.

Top things to see in the Grund

Planning a visit to the picturesque Grund district? Check out our list below to ensure you don't miss out on any must-sees!




Bock Promontory


Wenzel wall

Monuments and places

Melusina statue

Best family plan

Enjoy an active yet relaxing day surrounded by beautiful nature as you and your loved ones explore Grund’s most historical and magical sights:

Join a guided tour!

With a local expert by your side, discover all of Grund's hidden gems and learn more about the district's best-kept secrets. Whether you're visiting on your own, with your family or with a big group of friends, there are more than 20 thematic tours to choose from.

How to get there?

By car:
If you are driving, note that all parking lots in the city center are within 10 minutes of the Grund.
You can check for available parking spaces on the Luxembourg-city parking guidance system.

By elevator :
From the city center 2 elevators will bring you to the lower part of the city :
- The public elevator on the Plateau du Saint-Esprit will directly bring you to the Grund.
- The Panoramic elevator connecting Ville-Haute and Pfaffenthal will take you to the Grund through a nice 20 min walk.

By public transport:

To go around the city, check out which offers live and practical information on public transport in Luxembourg.
Useful information: all buses, trams and trains within the country of Luxembourg are free of charge for citizens and visitors alike.