About Luxembourg City?

Historical treasures, breathtaking views, a rich cultural and architectural life, large parks where you can enjoy life, this is a summary of what awaits you in Luxembourg City. The city is full of surprises and in each of its 24 districts you will find the friendly and multicultural atmosphere that characterises Luxembourg City.

Discover and visit the city of Luxembourg

Luxembourg City is a truly enchanting place brimming with charm and history. Strolling along its cobbled streets and narrow alleys can feel like stepping into a fairytale.

Is it the powerful and impregnable fortress city, built over nine long centuries, that makes up the capital's charm? Or is it the old stone bridges that offer both sumptuous and hidden views over the city’s river banks and gardens? Or maybe the historic grand ducal Palace? Or even the imposing remparts walls that can be admired from the picturesque Grund district? Did you know that Luxembourg’s old quarters and fortifications are part of the Unesco World Heritage?

While the old town still bears witness to the city’s impressive past, Luxembourg City has also developed into a dynamic, modern and cosmopolitan capital. Talk a walk in the Kirchberg district and you will be surprised by its avant-garde architecture. With more than 170 nationalities living in Luxembourg, a walk through the city centre will reveal the city’s cosmopolitan character as you’re likely to hear many different languages being spoken.

Full of contrasts and rich in history, the city of Luxembourg is truly one of its kind. It is now your turn to fall under its spell.

We wish you a wonderful time discovering Luxembourg City!

Delve into Luxembourg's origins and discover the secrets of the city!

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