About Luxembourg City?

Historical treasures, breathtaking views, a rich cultural and architectural life, large parks where you can enjoy life, this is a summary of what awaits you in Luxembourg City. The city is full of surprises and in each of its 24 districts you will find the friendly and multicultural atmosphere that characterises Luxembourg City.

Discover and visit the city of Luxembourg

Immerse yourself in the impressive range of tourist sites you could only dream of in this bustling and lively cosmopolitan city, that has still managed to maintain its human side! Luxembourg-City is full of history, brimming with artistic and cultural treasures just waiting to be visited, full of attractions and picturesque spots just waiting to be discovered, sprinkled with anecdotes and legends just waiting to be told.


The city of Luxembourg has been a real textbook case of European military architecture and it has changed hands many times throughout its existence. Italian, Spanish, Belgian, French, Austrian, Dutch and Prussian engineers all played a part in the progressive extension of the fortifications of this stronghold. Some of their work still remains and what remains reflects the very soul of Luxembourg tourism! The fortifications and the old town have been classified as world heritage sites by UNESCO since 1994. Discover the contrasts of a city in the heart of Europe - 365 days of the year!


Welcome to the heart of Europe and enjoy exploring Luxembourg-City.


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