Climate and seasons in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg, a great city to visit all year round

Spring, summer, autumn or winter - Luxembourg City is a welcoming destination to discover and each season has its own special charm.

Spring is a beautiful yet a little unpredictable season. Nature in the city comes back to live and you will see many flowers blooming around the city center and in the parks. Better take an umbrella with you to be prepared for a change of weather.

Summer months are mainly sunny and warm and the city offers many open air events and activities during this time.

Golden autumn days are when leaves start to change colours and you can take breathtaking photos of the Pétrusse valley.

Winter months tend to be cold with a cosy, gloomy atmosphere. If you are lucky there will even be some snowfall. 

Check out the photo gallery below to get some impressions of Luxembourg City during different seasons. 

Climate in 2023 (meteolux)