Welcome to the lively Gare (train station) district

Spread over a mere 1 square kilometre, this small and compact area is known for its many shops, bars, restaurants, as well as several unique sights.

Gare District: Where old meets new

Originally built in 1859, and made completely out of wood, the old train station was renovated between 1907 and 1913 following the popular Moselle Baroque Revival style that can be seen all over Luxembourg. It wasn’t until the city expanded in 1920 that the Gare district became one of Luxembourg City’s central districts.

Located on the Bourbon Plateau, and separated from Ville Haute (the old town) by a steep valley, Gare is connected to the rest of the city by a "Passerelle" viaduct built between 1859 and 1861 (now referred to as the “old bridge”) and the Pont Adolphe (the “new bridge”) on the north side.

The Gare district can be divided into 3 smaller areas: the station area, filled with trendy shops and busy offices, the Pétrusse area, made of elegant 19thC houses, some of them now home to international embassies and diplomats, and Avenue de la Liberté, one of Luxembourg City’s most beautiful streets, filled with popular city squares - like the Place de Paris and Place des Martyrs - and buildings including the iconic State Saving Bank building.

If you’re looking for a dynamic, young, and multicultural district, the Gare district is the right one for you.

Top things to see in the Gare district

No Luxembourg City visit is complete without a stroll around the vibrant Gare district. Walking along the Avenue de la Liberté, arguably one of Luxembourg City's most beautiful streets, is an experience in itself. Make sure to have your camera ready because you'll want to take pictures of the impressive architecture. Don't miss out to stop by the Place de Martyrs ("Rousegäertchen", rose garden), a little square just off the avenue, to relax and admire its beautiful rose garden. Another highlight is the Adolphe Bridge with its suspended "passerelle" from which you can enjoy stunning views of the Pétrusse valleys!

Monuments and places

Central Railway Station

Monuments and places

Former ARBED Headquarters

Monuments and places

Bourbon Plateau

Monuments and places

Adolphe Bridge

Churches & Cemeteries

Sacré Coeur Church

Churches & Cemeteries

Quirinus Chapel

Monuments and places

The State Savings Bank

Concert halls

Den Atelier

Monuments and places


Monuments and places

Place de Paris

Gare Art Festival

The non-profit organisations Groupe Animation Gare and A.I.E.S.M. have been organising the GARE ART FESTIVAL for 20 years. This event consists of the creation of sculptures and/or installations by six professional artists in the Gare district of Luxembourg City, followed by an exhibition of the works created under the glass roof of the central station.

How to get there ?

By car:
You can check for available parking spaces on the Luxembourg-city parking guidance system.

By public transport:

To go around the city, check out which offers live and practical information on public transport in Luxembourg.
Useful information: all buses, trams and trains within the country of Luxembourg are free of charge for citizens and visitors alike.