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Cycling in Luxembourg City

Cycling through the City of Luxembourg is a great way to explore all the main attractions and beautiful views! With the help of Mike McQuaide, who is a well-known social media influencer, cyclist, and author living in Luxembourg, we have put together everything you need to know about cycling through Luxembourg's capital.

Discover the city by bike

Cycling is a terrific way to experience Luxembourg City. You’re able to travel farther and see more than by walking (itself a tipptopp way to experience Luxembourg) and you never have to worry about parking a car. Plus, Luxembourg’s ever-expanding cycling infrastructure ensure that it’s becoming easier and safer all the time.

While the city’s number of bike lanes are increasing, if you’d like to ride in completely car-free spots, Municipal Park and the Pétrusse Valley are two great options. (Both are featured on the itinerary below.)

Among Luxembourg City’s unique characteristics are the several river gorges that cut through the city and offer dramatic viewpoints. The downside of this is that the city is a bit hilly and can seem intimidating to potential cyclists. Thankfully though, there are a couple bike-friendly elevators that make it possible to savor the geography rather than suffer trying to climb it.

For more details and a suggested route, continue reading below.

Happy pedaling!

Mike McQuaide - "An American in Luxembourg"

cycling in Luxembourg City

Mike McQuaide is a dual U.S.-Luxembourg citizen and has lived in Luxembourg City since 2013. He is an avid road cyclist and mountain biker, and is author of several books including “An American in Luxembourg” and “75 Classic Rides: Washington,” a cycling guide to America’s Washington State.

Itinerary proposal by Mike McQuaide

Itinerary proposal by Mike McQuaide

Here’s a route that takes in what I think of as Luxembourg City’s greatest hits. Everything from the world’s only active Grand Ducal Palace, to arguably Europe’s most beautiful balcony, and a whole lot of stuff in between: beautiful bridges, tree-shaded parkland, riverside paths, and a renown UNESCO World Heritage site.

The route is paved and follows a mix of dedicated bike lanes and bike pathways, as well as some city streets. Hills are kept to a minimum (sorry, it’s not possible to avoid them completely) with a couple elevators helping to bypass the biggest ones.

This tour is about 14 kilometers long but because it intersects with itself at several points, it can easily be made shorter.

Whatever route you choose, ride safely and “vill Spaass beim Vëlofueren!“

Download the leaflet below:

Frequently asked questions

Vélo en Ville in the Grund, rents bikes (including tandems) as well as child seats and helmets. Rentals are available hourly or for as long as a week if you’d like.

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There’s also Luxembourg’s popular Vel’oh! bike service which rents pedal-assist bikes on a subscription basis. Subscriptions are available on a short-term (one to three days) as well as an annual basis. With more than 100 self-service Vel’oh! stations throughout the city, bikes are almost always available.

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Yes, and on trains and trams it’s quite easy. On buses, it can be a little trickier because space is limited, and passengers such as the elderly and those with strollers have priority. 

Yes, it’s safe, but as with riding bikes in any city, it’s a good idea to have eyes in the back of your head. Always be aware of your surroundings and on the lookout for cars, buses, trucks, trams and pedestrians. 

Yes, as well as cycling arterials too. Luxembourg City’s cycling network is ever-expanding. 

Municipal Park and the Péitruss Valley are two great options. Municipal Park is lovely band of green space to the west of the Centre and boasts shady trees, lovely flower gardens and an epic pirate ship playground. There are also paved pathways perfect for cycling. (Signage designates which paths are pedestrian-only and which welcome cyclists.)

The Pétrusse Valley is a rugged gorge cutting through the heart of the city. It features rocky cliffs, a mind-boggling variety of trees, a world-class skateboard park (among other things) and a paved car-free pathway down the middle, perfect for cycling.

There are numerous bike racks throughout the city where you can lock your bike. (Yes, locking your bike is always a good idea.) In addition, there are also several mBoxes, located near transportation hubs such as and parking garages. These are secured storage boxes and is a subscription service.

For more information, go to www.mobiliteit.lu

The Knuedler Parking garage in the city center offers 28 covered bike racks that are free and accessible 24 hours a day.

No. But I’ll editorialize for a moment and say that I never ride without a helmet and haven’t for the past 30 years or so. Along with my own noggin having been saved by wearing a helmet during crashed I’ve endured over the years, the safety statistics are overwhelmingly in favor of wearing a helmet.

Only those 10 and under (with an accompanying adult) are legally permitted to cycle on the sidewalk.

Two pumps are available free of charge to cyclists at the entrance of the municipal park near Rondpoint Schuman and south of the Viaduc (Aal Bréck) footbridge. These pumps can be used with every kind of bicycle tire.

Cycling Tour with "An American in Luxembourg"

Discover the most beautiful places in the capital by bike with Mike McQuaide, known as "An American in Luxembourg". Happy pedalling!

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