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Ville Haute - Luxembourg’s old town

Explore Ville Haute, the vibrant and historical centre of Luxembourg City!

Ville Haute District: Luxembourg’s elegant and central old town

The origins of today’s Luxembourg can be traced back to the Bock Promontory, a naturally rocky area, where Count Siegfried decided to build a small fortress called Lucilinburhuc (or “small castle”) in 963. Over time, the area kept growing to accommodate the increasing population, well past the original fortress and into the surrounding areas that now make up the city of Luxembourg.

As part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the stunning Ville Haute neighbourhood is full of must-see historical jewels, including the grand ducal Palace, the official residence of Luxembourg’s Grand Duke and Grand Duchess, as well as the gothic cathedral "Notre-Dame de Luxembourg".
Whether you're interested in the city's history, want to explore the local cultural scene or just fancy strolling along the capital's quaint streets, Ville Haute is the right place for you. Come and experience its historic sights and monuments, enjoy the shops and bustling restaurants and make memories you will treasure for years to come.

Top things to see in Ville Haute

Wondering what to see and discover in Luxembourg City? We've compiled a list of all the must sees that you should definitely check out, including the grand ducal Palace, the "Chemin de la Corniche" as well as the gothic Cathedral "Notre-Dame de Luxembourg". Top tip: head to the Place de la Constitution to take in breathtaking views of the Pétrusse valley and the State Savings Bank whose stately tower dominates the Gare district's skyline.


Chemin de la Corniche

Monuments and places

Adolphe Bridge

Monuments and places

Justice quarter

Best family plan

On the lookout for a fun family day out in the city? There are plenty of family-friendly activities to do in Ville Haute. We suggest to visit the National Museum of Art and History and/or the Lëtzebuerg City Museum to check out their latest exhibitions. The panoramic glass elevator is also a highlight for both old and young. Not only does the 71 m high panoramic glass elevator offer stunning views of the old town, it also features a glass bottomed platform. Not for the faint of heart. The municipal park is a staple for every family day out. Have a picnic in one of the park's many green areas or discover the giant pirate ship playground equipped with swings, slides and many other games. Family fun guaranteed!

How to get there?

By car:
Find the best parking for your stay with our Luxembourg-city parking guidance system.

By elevator :
There are two elevators connecting Ville Haute to the rest of the city, namely the Grund lift and the Pfaffenthal panoramic lift. The latter offers breathtaking views of both the lower and upper city, well worth a ride!

By public transport:
To go around the city, check out which offers live and practical information on public transport in Luxembourg.
Useful information: all buses, trams and trains within the country of Luxembourg are free of charge for citizens and visitors alike.