Pétrusse Casemates
Rocks coming to Life

Experience history in a new, unforgettable way! The rocks of the casemates come to life to tell you their exciting story....


Let's descend

The Pétrusse Casemates over the course of time

Over the centuries, the casemates were used for various purposes. From 1871, the "d'Schéiss" shooting society set up its shooting ranges in the casemates. In the 1890s, the gardeners Backes and Schneider grew mushrooms in the ravelin "Pastetchen". In the early 20th century, beer concerts and bazaars were organised in the casemates. The "Compagnie des Grands Vins de Champagne E. Mercier", founded in 1858, started production near the railway station in 1886 and used the casemates to store their bottles. During both world wars, the Bock and Pétrusse casemates were used as shelters. 

On 22 July 1933, the first visitors - initially with torches - were able to descend into the Pétrusse casemates. In the first season, 5,000 visitors explored the "longest casemates in the world". The fortifications of the city of Luxembourg and its old quarters were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1994.

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What's new?

After extensive enhancement and security works, the Pétrusse Casemates reopened with a cutting-edge scenography and mesmerising light installations that bring history to life. Visit the Pétrusse Casemates and see for yourself!


Join an exploration of 45 minutes max. by choosing the desired date, time and language. An accompanying person will explain the safety regulations in your chosen language and follow the group through the Casemates. Tickets are available here and at the Luxembourg City Tourist Office (Place Guillaume II).

The Pétrusse Casemates are open every day (except on 25.12. and 01.01.) and accompanied explorations take place at the following times:

Mo - Sa




15,00 € Adults
12,00 € Students and seniors
7,50 € Children from 4 to 12 years old
free For children under 4 years
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