Hotels in Luxembourg-City

Luxembourg-City has a wide variety of hotels but also alternative types of accommodation for your stay, whether it is in the city centre, by the station or in Kirchberg. The hotels, from the simple guesthouse to luxury hotels with swimming pools and piano bars, satisfy everyone’s needs. Hotel rooms give you the chance to rest after your explorations and visits around the capital, they become your private refuge. Given the size of the city in human dimensions, your accommodation will always be close to your areas of interest. The proximity between the city and your hotel room is a real plus for Luxembourg-City. And you will always be able to find rooms at prices that suit your wallet.

The Luxembourg City Tourist Office offers turnkey weekends in the various hotel categories of the centre, station or Kirchberg. As a conference city, Luxembourg-City has managed to establish an impressive choice of accommodation, whilst also creating some very modern facilities. With regards to accommodation, one must not forget the youth hostel at the foot of the Rocher du Bock, the guest rooms in the various districts and the camping site in the woods of Kockelscheuer.

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