The best playgrounds for kids in Luxembourg City

TravelmatKanner has explored the themed playgrounds in Luxembourg City for you!

If Peter Pan had to choose a new place to live, it would definitely be one of the amazing playgrounds of Luxembourg City. A ‘’playground paradise ‘’, a neverland for children and grown-ups who want to be a kid again for a day (or more)…Oh wait it’s not one neverland…but actually several ones.

Discovering and exploring Luxembourg City’s amazing, themed playgrounds with children can feel like a Peter Pan flight into different worlds. Airports with planes, farms with animals, castle with knights and princesses, as well as a big pirate ship: numerous themed playgrounds can be found throughout the entire city.

Whether you’re a resident or a tourist visiting Luxembourg City with your family, you will be amazed to learn that Luxembourg City features some of the most amazing, beautiful, and original playgrounds. Free access and fun for all, these playgrounds are irresistible.


Elfi is a family travel blogger based in Luxembourg.  

Her Blog “TravelmatKanner” aims at highlighting family friendly places, activities and experiences in and around Luxembourg in order to provide families and caregivers with fun and interesting ideas for explorations together with their children. She strongly believes that every child deserves to have a happy and magical childhood that will help navigate through the difficulties of life. Ideas for activities suggested here have all been “tested and approved” by Efli and her family.