River and Wine Moselle Day Tour

River and Wine Moselle Day Tour

Experience the ultimate blend of natural beauty and indulgence with the River and Wine Moselle Day Tour in Luxembourg.

Immerse yourself in the stunning scenery as you cruise along the picturesque Moselle River, taking in the lush vineyards, charming villages, and rolling hills that define this region. Savor the exquisite flavors of Luxembourg’s world-renowned wines and sparkling wines during our exclusive wine tasting sessions, where you’ll have the opportunity to sample a variety of vintages crafted by passionate local winemakers. Indulge your senses as you explore the historic wine cellars and learn about the fascinating wine-making traditions that have been passed down through generations. Embark on a scenic boat ride along the Moselle River, taking place in the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.  


River and Wine: Unveil Luxembourg’s rich wine heritage

Immerse yourself in the local culture by exploring the quaint wine villages along the way. Admire the traditional architecture, and soak up the relaxed atmosphere. Don’t miss the opportunity to go to regional shops and taste what the regional cuisine has to offer at one of the charming restaurants or brasseries. Overall, the River and Wine Day Tour in the south-east of Luxembourg provides an unforgettable experience, combining the beauty of the Moselle valley, the rich wine heritage and the warm hospitality of the locals. Join us on this captivating journey and discover the true essence of Luxembourg’s river and wine culture.  


Departure: Boulevard de la Pétrusse / Place de Metz (09:00)

European Center in Schengen

Discover more about the European Center in Schengen with a 30-minutes visit of the outside premises. An experienced guide of the Schengen museum will accompany you during these 30 minutes and provide you explanations about the history, the creation of Europe and the Treaty of Schengen, which was signed in 1984.


Boat Tour in Remich

Enjoy the stunning landscapes and picturesque villas that border the riverbanks. The Luxembourgish Moselle valley is famous for its vineyards and wine production, making it an excellent region in Luxembourg to be explored if you are a wine enthusiast.  Before getting on board, each person will get a chip that will give you the possibility to get a drink: only for soft drink, wine, beer, coffee or tea.


Free time in Remich

After the boat tour, you have one hour free time in Remich to get some lunch or walk around. Remich is a very dynamic town with many places where you can have lunch or eat an ice cream.


Visit and wine tasting

Later on, participants will also visit two local wine cellars and participate in tastings. The first visit and wine tasting is in Remich and the second visit is in Grevenmacher. Each visit takes approximately one hour. During the visit, you will learn about the winemaking process, the different grape varieties that grow in the area and the local traditions. After the wine tastings, the day tour comes to its end and our driver will take you back to Luxembourg City.

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Children (4 to 17 years old)53€
Children (0 to 3 years old)0€
Family (2 adults + 2 to 3 children)240€
River and Wine Moselle Day Tour