ING Night Marathon Luxembourg

ING Night Marathon Luxembourg

A athletic and festive event in Luxembourg 


ING Night Marathon Luxembourg

The ING Night Marathon Luxembourg is well known for its exceptional course: from the Kirchberg business district to Luxexpo through the Limpertsberg residential area, the municipal park, the Knuedler (Place Guillaume II), the Grand-Rue, the Station district, the Petrusse valley and the Red Bridge. According to many runners, the course is also one of the most difficult in Europe because it goes up and down constantly and contains numerous bends. The end, in particular, is the strongest part with the long climb from the Red Bridge to Luxexpo.

The friendly and festive atmosphere with the distribution of goodies, many activities, in particular for children, and entertainment throughout the city. For many runners, it is motivating to see people, that they do not know, yelling their names or clapping in their hands while running. Inhabitants of Luxembourg City also contribute to the special atmosphere of that event.

This sports event attracts each year more and more runners, from all ages and all nationalities. The ING Night Marathon Luxembourg is not only a sports events, it is above all an intercultural and intergenerational event.


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Luxembourg City


From Saturday 20.05.2023 to Sunday 21.05.2023
17H00 - 01H00

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