Exposition 'European Love’ by Delphine de Saksen-Coburg

For this solo exhibition, HRH Princess Delphine of Saxe-Coburg has created a collection of paintings inspired by the colors of the European Union.

Instead of creating artworks based on her desire to change the negative, the artist decided that she would be better off transforming the negative and pessimistic feeling that many have today into the most beautiful and positive word known to man: love. This word reminds her to love life, to seize every moment and opportunity, and she hopes that it can inspire others to do the same.

"I choose to make love a priority in my daily life. Being positive in life is a deliberate choice," she said.

The exhibition features a collection of vibrant paintings, full of bright colors and repetitions of the word "love." Literally and figuratively, love oozes from these paintings.

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Spuerkeess, 19 avenue de la Liberté, 1160 Luxembourg, Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
19 avenue de la Liberté


Exposition 'European Love’ by Delphine de Saksen-Coburg in Bildern

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