City Promenade for Kids

City tour for children.

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City Promenade for Kids

City tour for children in company of Melusina and count Siegfried.

This tour for kids and families makes you discover the history of the capital city as well as the legend of Melusina in a playful way. Explore Luxembourg City and win a personal souvenir gift.


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Bock Promontory

In 963 Siegfried, Count of Ardenne, acquired this massive rocky ledge, the cradle of the city of Luxembourg,...

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Churches & cemeteries

Cathedral Notre-Dame de Luxembourg

The Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin was originally a Jesuit church, the foundation stone of which was laid...

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Monuments & public places

Grand Ducal Palace

In its function as the city residence of the Grand Ducal family, the grand ducal Palace is situated right in...

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Lëtzebuerg City Museum

The Luxembourg Story More than 1000 years of urban history Lëtzebuerg City Museum Permanent Exhibition...

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Monuments & public places

Place d'Armes

As an integral part of the pedestrian zone, surrounded by lots of street cafés and restaurants, it...

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Monuments & public places

Place de Clairefontaine

Situated near the Cathedral and the Government district, Place de Clairefontaine was redesigned at the end...

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Monuments & public places

Place de la Constitution

The Constitution Square was put up on the ancient Beck bastion (1644, 1685).  The...

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Churches & cemeteries

St Michael's Church

It is the oldest holy building in the city, replacing the castle chapel of the Counts of Luxembourg placed...

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