De l’audace! Le Luxembourg dans l’atlas des collections Supports/Surfaces

De l’audace! Le Luxembourg dans l’atlas des collections Supports/Surfaces

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After a recent exhibition featuring works by two founding members of the Supports/Surfaces movement, Claude Viallat and Patrick Saytour, the Nationalmusée um Fëschmaart takes a closer look at this artistic movement with a series of major acquisitions which have put Luxembourg on the map of the European art scene.

Outside France, the museum can now boast a particularly representative public collection of some forty works (paintings, sculptures and installations) which are emblematic of the emergence of this very specific artistic movement. The Supports/Surfaces group (1968-1974) was short-lived, but influential. By experimenting with new forms and gestures, the members of the group questioned the traditional medium of painting and integrated everyday, kitsch, second-hand and salvaged elements into their work.

Throughout their careers, the founders continued to explore the issues raised by the movement, thus perpetuating the Supports/Surfaces legacy. It's precisely this enthusiasm that our exhibition aims to illustrate by highlighting the careers of the pioneers of the movement through fascinating personal accounts and video footage from their studios. Discover the figures who paved the way for contemporary art in France!

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