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To mark the acquisition of a number of important works by Supports/Surfaces artists, we take a closer look at this artistic movement and present the full range of our collection.

Delve into our extensive and diverse collection of works, which is particularly characteristic of this avant-garde movement, and find out how its pioneers, from Arnal to Viallat by way of Grand and Pagès, exerted a brief but decisive influence on the artistic landscape in France and beyond from the 1960s onwards. By radically opposing the major trends of their time, both ideologically and aesthetically, the members of Supports/Surfaces rejected traditional mediums, deconstructed the codes of painting and explored new forms and techniques. They focus on the materiality of the medium, moving beyond the canvas to produce unusual and highly inventive works. Come and discover the forerunners of contemporary art in France! Opening: 20.06.2024, 18:00-20:00

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