Public transport

The organisers encourage visitors to use public transport. (details:
On the other hand, for the return journey it is possible to use numerous inter-regional night bus lines free of charge (Late Night Bus, Nightlife bus, ...) (details:

Recommended car parks

To provide greater accessibility to citizens and visitors to the capital city, the car parks of «Glacis» (+/-1000 parking spaces) and «Schuman» (+/-400 parking spaces) are free during the week after 18:00 and «P+R Bouillon» (+/- 2400 parking spaces) are always free of charge for a duration up to 24 hours. The parkings served by the following regular bus lines:

• Glacis & Schuman: 2, 3, 4, 30, CN1 (CityNightBus)

• P+R Bouillon: 1/125, 17, CN1 (CityNightBus)

Other car parks are also available.

Specific needs

Accessibility to place Guillaume II for persons with reduced mobility will be ensured. A « Besoins spécifiques » area will be provided. Because booking is compulsory, please contact the « Intégration et besoins spécifiques » unit no later than one day before the event: Tel.: (+352) 691 964447, .


The outdoor catering put in place for the concerts introduces an environmentally friendly system of recycling (reuse of containers).