Worlding Soils: Caring for Soil Communities in Minett

Since the start of the academic year in mid-Sepember, all students of the Master in Architecture program are engaged in a collective design studio entitled "Worlding Soils: Caring for Soil Communities in Minett", supervised by Dr. Marija Maric, Dr. David Peleman and Dr. César Reyes Nájera.

The design studio centers soil as its subject, matter and site for the critical analysis of histories and presents of capitalist extraction. The goal is to set up shared futures of co-existence with the soil of the Minett region. In the context of the design studio a public lecture series will be organized in collaboration with luca – Luxembourg Center for Architecture in November and December 2023, with Mio Tsuneyama, Paulo Tavares, Maria Puig de la Bellacasa, and Marina Otero Verzier as guest lecturers.

The studio results will be displayed at luca in a public exhibition from 19 December 2023 to 13 January 2024.

14.11.23 at 17h30

Worlding Soils #1

URBAN FUNGUS Architecture is a complex mesh

Lecture by Mio Tsuneyama (speaker online)

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21.11.23 at 18h30

Worlding Soils #2

Lecture by Paulo Tavares (speaker online)


05.12.23 at 18h30

Worlding Soils #3

Lecture by Maria Puig de la Bellacasa (speaker online)


19.12.23 at 18h30

Worlding Soils #4

Lecture by Marina Otero Verzier


The lectures will be streamed online via the following link.

The Question & Answer session is only available to participants attending in person at luca.

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LUCA - Luxembourg Center for Architecture
1 rue de la Tour Jacob


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