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After several years of renovation work and a spontaneous exhibition of works by Maxim Kantor, our extensive collection of modern and contemporary art covering a wide range of media (sculpture, painting, photography and video installation) is once again on display on the fourth floor of the museum. The new exhibition is structured thematically and attempts to draw parallels between works from different periods and genres, with a particular focus on colour, forms and motifs. The result is a playful and associative exploration of our collection, designed to appeal to a wide audience. In addition to favourite works such as van Rysselberghe's Portrait of Laure Flé (1898), Picasso's Paysage de Cannes au crépuscule (1960) and Chirico's Piazza d'Italia (1970), the presentation also includes numerous new acquisitions from the last four years, which are being exhibited in the museum for the very first time.

All dates :
- 04/04/2024, 18:00, FR
- 12/05/2024, 15:00, EN
- 21/04/2024, 15:00, DE
- 18/05/2024, 16:00, DE
- 19/05/2024, 15:00, EN
- 20/05/2024, 15:00, FR
- 23/05/2024, 18:00, DE
- 06/06/2024, 18:00, FR

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