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Tucked away from the bustle of Luxembourg city centre, just inside the entrée parking at Place du Théâtre, is a tiny restaurant called Kumpir, The Happy Potato. While the location may seem a little odd, the delicious flavors are worth the trip. The place is run by a very kind lady who will patiently describe every item; she and the restaurant are the definition of “good things come in small packages.”

Kumpir is Turkish street food with the base ingredient being mashed potato with butter and cheese. Each time I go, I am amazed at the size of potatoes- they are gigantic! The potatoes are cooked in a special oven, the insides are scooped out and patiently mashed (at the time of ordering), piled back into the shell and loaded with various toppings ranging from chicken curry to sausage goulash. It’s easy to forget the size of your stomach!

We have ventured out on a drizzly, cold days and hot days. This delicious snack or meal can warm you up nicely on a cold day or when ordering the potato cup provide you enough to keep going without feeling hot and full. If you aren’t a fan of potatoes, the Turkish bread wrap is also awesomely flavourful.

Kumpir offers vegan and gluten-free options (a true gem as gluten-free options are hard to find). During the warmer months, there is plenty of outdoor seating in an area with delightful artwork. This hidden gem is a treasure worth eating!

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Place du Théâtre , luxembourgcity


Loaded potato : 9.50€


Mon - Tue & Thu - Sat 09:00 - 18:00