Lucien Wercollier

Stone, bronze, marble, alabaster, glass: the work of Lucien Wercollier is written in these different materials, which he discovered, one by one, and never left behind again. Works to be (re)discovered at the Abbey of Neumûnster where the private collection of the Wercollier family is placed in the ambulatory, in a scenography which was specially created for this location. If the sculputures of Wercollier are present in many collections and in many public museums of Luxembourg and abroad, this permanent exposition is the only one which regroups the works which document the life and the work of one of the Twentieth century’s greatest artists. Born in 1908, Lucien Wercollier died in 2002 at the age of 94. Between these two dates were the years of training in Brussels and in Paris, the discovery of Maillol, Brancusi and Arp, but also the war years, arrestation and imprisonment in the Grund prison then deportation to Germany and Silesia, years which were to make of this talented sculpteur an exceptional artist, “searching for the most complete harmony among lines, structures, forms and meaning, harmony that was more and more profound and perfect” (G. Wagner). "Pure volumes and a very clear order had the highest degree of importance for me" the artist confided. The works exposed at the Abbey allow the path of the man and the work of the artist, both of which were linked, to be joined. The man did not like "violent oppositions and tortured shapes" (N. Scuri). 25 sculptures testify to this. Additional information: Visites guidées à la demande, Email: [email protected] Main organiser(s): neimënster Language: fr

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