Kockelscheuer Trail

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Sometimes, the sounds of the city are too much and one of my favorite walking areas is Kockelscheuer. Hopping on bus line 18 (Kockelscheuer, Patinoire) from the Hamilius Quai 2 stop can get you to a quiet walk in the woods in about 20 minutes. I suggest bringing some water and perhaps picking up some snacks before leaving the city centre, as there is plenty of walking, running, working out, exploring and picnicking that can be done… all in one location!

This area is beautiful regardless of the time of year – but you must dress for the weather! The beautiful ponds are home to ducks and various birds and are surrounded by stout trees that offer delicious shade in the summer. Many trails are circular such that you will eventually make your way back to where you started – but you still have to pay attention to the trail markers. The trails are great for walking or running and include many “parkour” stations that provide you with instructions and equipment for various exercises. Having done the parkour workout trail, I will warn you, if you push hard, your muscles will be sore later!!

Along the parking lot, towards the playground and public workout circuit, you will find picnic tables and a path that leads to la Maison de la Nature, an educational farm (home to the cutest donkeys ever!) and garden that provides various workshops and demonstrations to children and the public to help foster a greater love for nature. A must-visit!

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