Bargello Luxembourg

Dernière modification le 25/08/2022 par Marcela Salamanca

Bargello Luxembourg is “Made in Luxembourg” deliciousness! This small but beautiful ice cream shop is located across from the Ville Haute, in the Gare area. While the exterior is unassuming, the ice cream and confections inside are spectacular.

Ordering can be a little overwhelming as they don’t have your run-of-the-mill flavors! Thankfully, they allow tasting before buying, which in theory should help, but given the smoothness and lovely flavors, choosing is still difficult! All flavors were “sans gluten” and there was the option between cones or cups! However, if celiac, please know they have gluten products so contamination is still a risk.

Sitting on the outdoor terrace in the back, on a warm sunny day, enjoying a wonderful “crème glacée” is the perfect way to slow down and treat yourself. Likewise, taking your ice cream with you to walk and explore the Gare or Pétrusse Valley are other great options. On cooler days, the bright and contemporary interior allows one to forget the weather outside and focus on the delicious, full-bodied flavours found in every ice cream on offer.

While Bargello has a location in Brussels, this is not a chain and ice creams are not bought from distributors. The “Made in Luxembourg” membership held by Bargello ensures all the products in the shop are Luxembourgish. If you are looking for real ice cream, here it is!

Useful information


13 Rue du Fort Elisabeth, Luxembourg City


Scoop in a cone : 4€


Thu - Sun 12:30 - 19:00