City Pop-up Shops

Dernière modification le 14/09/2022 par Aurelie Faber

In order to avoid having unoccupied stores in the city centre, the mayor of Luxembourg city decided to offer those spaces for a low price, although for a limited period of maximum 9 months. Candidates that want to sell their own creations, clothes, jewelry, accessories, home equipment or some other products, can in this way get the possibility to test their concept and see what they could improve to develop further or even open their own real shop in the future and decide to rent the place long-term.

I love the idea not only because it offers the possibility to beginners to present their own creations or the products they want to offer and see if there is a corresponding demand in the market, but even more because it gives me the possibility to find some new products or items that I would not find in a conventional store.

Currently, you can find “Romantico Romantico” (jewelry, 26, Rue des Capucins),  “Tipp Topp” (Art studio, creative hub for kids, 3, Rue Origer), “Julie Conrad Design Studio” (bags & products made with Tyvek & a lot of other lovely creations, 30, rue des capucins), “Odysay” (creations in women clothing and accessories, 38, rue Philippe II), “Young Luxembourgish Artists association” (creations of young Luxembourgish artists, 40, rue Philippe II), “Arte Sana” (jewelry made in Luxembourg as well as handmade accessories, 43, Grand-rue) and finally “Bonne Nouvelle” (Pop-up bar, 16a, Av. Emile Reuter).

New candidates will come and new stores will be offered by the city, so don’t miss your chance to discover them!

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30, Rue des Capucins, Luxembourg City


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24 hours daily