Cercle Cité Ratskeller

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The Cercle Cité was constructed as an administrative building by the city of Luxembourg and over the years it became a convention and exhibition center. The building looks very nice from the outside with a fresco representing the granting of the city charter to Luxembourg City, but it is even more spectacular from the inside with beautiful antique chandeliers hanging on the ceilings and the old wooden floors.

The Ratskeller is an exhibition space that is part of the Cercle cité building and hosts temporary exhibitions. What makes it particular is that the exhibitions are very diversified and multicultural. One of my favorite exhibitions was one of the pictures of the city in black and white, taken by Luxembourgish photographers in the sixties and seventies. The current exhibition “Luxembourg 360°, the capital through unknown photo collections” runs from July 16th to September 19th 2022, presenting photos previously unknown to the public, with pictures that lead us through the city’s quarters  and several decades, but also focuses on events, mobility in the city and well-known personalities. These pictures come from the archives of the Phototèque of Luxembourg, which launched a call to professional photographers but also to amateurs or collectors, for pictures that cover the development of the city.

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Place d'Armes / 2 rue Genistre, Luxembourg City


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11:00 - 19:00 daily