Panoramic Elevator Pfaffenthal

Dernière modification le 15/01/2024 par Aurelie Faber

This beautiful glass elevator will bring you from the city center to the Pfaffenthal district, 71m lower. When you stand on the glass bottom at the end of the tunnel leading to the elevator, it is not only the view that is breathtaking but also the fact that you have the impression of falling down. Don’t do it, take the elevator, it will take you down in 30 seconds. There is enough space for 5 cyclists and 10 pedestrians, up to 5,000kg.

When you leave the noisy city center and go down to the Pfaffenthal, you will be amazed about the calm and the nature you will be facing down there. The Pfaffenthal district is often said to be a small village in the city. In a 5 minutes walk, you can reach the brasserie Oekosoph and the Oekozenter Pafendall building (read my article about it) to have a drink or two and enjoy the sunset on a terrace.

You can also continue walking along the Alzette river on the cycling path and you will see the Waasserfall Pfaffenthal, a small cascade, just before arriving at the Luxembourg city youth hostel and the Tapas Bar Podenco (read my article about it) and enjoy a delicious dinner with friends.

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