Cents Kéibierg

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This is definitely my favorite place to sit down, take a deep breath and enjoy the view. When I applied to become a Spotter for Luxembourg city, that’s the spot that I thought of first. Years ago, the district of Cents was the place where armies came in to attack the fortress of Luxembourg from the east, as the elevation provided a wide view over the whole city.

I live in Cents, only a stone’s throw from this amazing spot, and I quickly fell in love with this place. It’s “only” a place with 2 benches, but it is wonderfully quiet, there are no tourists at all, only some joggers passing or students from the national sports institute just behind and it is definitely the place where you can enjoy the best view of the city: from the new and old parts of the Ville-Haute (Palais de Justice, Cathedral, Vieille ville) to the lower parts of the city Grund and Clausen with its bars and old traditional houses, the fortress walls and the Clausen viaduc to the new modern business district of the city, Kirchberg, with a view of Mudam and Luxembourg’s skyscrapers (the EU Court of Justice, the highest tower at 118m).

Access the place by taking bus 14, stop” Cents Kéibierg,” or by walking the well-known Luxembourg city Wenzel circular tour (just below Plateau du Rham). If you are hungry, you can walk 700m to Zeutzius, an authentic Luxembourgish restaurant where you can find a delicious “Gezwickelt” (Luxembourgish unfiltered beer).

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