Florence Cafe

Dernière modification le 14/09/2022 par Raphael Koerich

I am addicted to coffee so finding a good coffee shop is always a priority in my travels and it would be no different here where I’ve chosen to live. This small coffee shop opened in June 2021 and I remember that when I went for the first time it was just to have an espresso, but since then there have been a lot of surprises.

It starts with excellent service, a totally intimate philosophy with a very comfortable and friendly environment. I noticed right away on my first visit that the clients and the people who worked there knew each other, creating a great vibe in the place.

Their focus is on the variety of African coffees (and some Central American) and one thing that I love is the fact that they visit the coffee farms to make sure that there is no abusive labor involving the workers. Kelsey has lived in Uganda and Yannick came also from Africa bringing all his talent, so their affection and dedication to this place are visible.

My wife is vegetarian and she loves the banana toast with peanut butter, all handmade, organic and vegan! There are also other dishes to try, croissants and cookies.

In addition to espresso (they change the variety of beans almost weekly), they also have filtered coffee of different nationalities, organic and plant-based milk, teas and craft beer.

The friendly atmosphere, the quality of the products, and the sustainability made Florence my favorite place to taste a great coffee!

Useful information


69a Rue Adolphe Fischer, Luxembourg City


Espresso : 2.50€


Tue - Sun 08:00 - 16:00