Parc Drai Eechelen

Dernière modification le 14/09/2022 par Raphael Koerich

Do you know the sort of place that only those who are from the city know? This park is exactly that kind of place, and because of that it’s usually not crowded. It is a calm and pleasant place, hidden in the upper part of Luxembourg, in the Kirchberg district, and for this reason, it has a privileged view of the city center and the valley.

My wife and I love to take a long walk, admire the beautiful Fort Thungen, an architectural work from 1732 and after that rest on top of the stone fortresses enjoying the most beautiful sunset in Luxembourg.

Parc Drai is behind Philharmonie (check out my article!), one of the most important places of modern architecture to check in Luxembourg, so you can easily visit both on this day and enjoy the experience of being in the middle of nature, architecture and history.

If you have energy, you can make the trail towards the lower part of the city and find yourself totally surrounded by nature. The path is beautiful and mostly unexplored. Enjoy the silence, the breeze, the scents and the peace that this green path offers!

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5 Park Drai Eechelen, Luxembourg City


Tue - Sun 10:00 - 18:00