Outdoor Fitness Park Hollerich

Dernière modification le 15/09/2023 par Raphael Koerich

I love to run outdoors and I have a hard time facing a gym, so this park is my favorite for exercising. It is totally open, free, surrounded by nature, has hiking trails with ups and downs, stairs, has a small court to play ball and the most incredible, has new or complete equipment for the practice of weight training, stretching, mobility and even CrossFit.

It has different kettlebell weight options, it has bars, points for abs, the floor is great for stretching, yoga and relaxation exercises. And whenever I go the environment is calm, safe and pleasant.

Some times tend to be busier, right after work, between 5:30 pm and 7 pm, so you may have to wait a little longer between reps.

My wife loves CrossFit and yoga and I love cardio, so we found a perfect place for the two of them to be together but do what each one likes best.

If you are a traveler who can’t stay without doing sport even when on vacation, this is the perfect place for you, so grab your towel and a bottle of water and enjoy the fresh and pleasant air of this gym in the middle of nature!

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Rue d' Anvers, luxembourgcity


24 hours daily