Chalon do Thé

Dernière modification le 21/01/2023 par Raphael Koerich

It could be a simple place to have a coffee and a croissant, but no, this little place is a true paradise for cat lovers like me.

Here you can have your espresso coffee, pure or with milk (vegetable or animal), hot chocolate or, of course, a delicious tea, enjoying it with a cake or bread typical of the French pâtisserie, not to mention the super pleasant, affectionate and fun company of the 10+ cats.

The space has a rustic and intimate decor, few tables and lots of furniture and objects so that the cats have complete freedom and can have fun with the customers.

You can cuddle, hold, talk, but make no mistake, they are the main attraction of the place. Don’t be surprised if they climb on your table and without you noticing eating your food, just enjoy!

Among the breeds (and those without defined breeds) it is possible to see the typical black cats that bring us a lot of luck, the messy little ones and imposing giants, like the Maine Coon. There are also the super active Bengal tigers, the smart and intelligent tricolors, the majestic Norwegians and the rare, curious, affectionate Sphynx.

It is a unique experience in Luxembourg for those who love these felines.

Useful information


5 Rue Glesener, Luxembourg City


Natural juice : 5.50€


Mon 13:00 - 18:30, Tue - Fri 12:00 - 18:30, Sat 10:00 - 19:00