Le Grand Cafe

Dernière modification le 14/09/2022 par Catarina Almeida

Grand Cafe by Redbeef is a place where you’ll be able to eat two things I love about Italian cuisine, which are neither pizza nor pasta. Can you guess? Probably not, so I’ll tell you.

Veggie or vegan people, sorry for that, but you’ll have to either skip this article or go to the menu of the restaurant itself because my favorite specialties are meat dishes.

The first dish is carpaccio, where the basis is raw beef – very thinly sliced and with olive oil. It also contains very good Italian cheese, and it may come with mushrooms and other things – your choice.

The second one is Tartare. I also didn’t know what this was before going there, so please don’t be shocked: it’s raw meat! I thought it was impossible to eat raw meat, but it is a reality, and I’m completely in love with it.

All in all, I recommend you go to this restaurant if you like adventures and trying new things (like me).

Feel free to tell me what you thought about these fantastic dishes!

Useful information


11, Place D'Armes, Luxembourg City


Tartare : 20€


11:00 - 22:00 daily