Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge

Dernière modification le 14/09/2022 par Raphael Koerich

The Charlotte Bridge, also known as the Red Bridge, is a modern construction inaugurated in 1966 with the aim of facilitating the way from the Center (and Limpsterberg district) to the busy Kirchberg business district, but this certainly turned out not to be its only objective.

This incredible construction contrasts the “new” with the “old” and between one end and the other – 355 meters long and 74 meters high – you are dazzled by the view of the beautiful Alzette Valley and the charming neighborhood of Pfafental, full of trees, flowers, river and classic ruins and buildings. It is perfect for photographers and enthusiasts.

Whether by car, bus, tram (remember, public transport throughout the country is free), bicycle or on foot, crossing this bridge is a must-do in Luxembourg, as also finding points to observe it from different angles. My favorite is from the panoramic elevator – there you can admire it on the same level, surrounded by the green and pastel tones of the vegetation and buildings. It’s extraordinary!

A sad and curious fact about the bridge is that in 1993, after the release of a 21-minute short film “Le pont rouge”, the government built a taller guardrail to prevent suicides, which from its opening and to that moment had passed 100. The bridge carries a lot of history, beauty and sadness also. It’s worth visiting.

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Pont Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Luxembourg City


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