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The small but beautiful grocery store opened its doors in 2019, trying to offer only the best products made in Luxembourg. The shop is run by Vero & Pit, who have both a long experience in catering all over the world, mostly in starred restaurants. I’m happy that they came back, because now I got the chance to discover all these delicious products they sell in their shop or even taste some of their own creations in Wanderscheid Atelier (32, rue du curé, only a 50-meter walk from the shop).

My favorite product is Bamkuch. This is a typical Luxemburgish cake, usually shaped like the trunk of a tree, “Bam” in Luxembourgish. Here you will find them in a nice sachet, cut into small pieces, or even covered with white or dark chocolate.  If you want to bring a souvenir back home from Luxembourg, you should definitely buy this, together with a bottle of Crémant (Luxembourgish sparkling wine).

I love the cozy modern decor of the shop, together with the warm welcome from the owners. Don’t hesitate to ask them for advice, they will be happy to make you discover the best Luxembourgish products, and perhaps you will have the chance to taste one of Vero & Pit’s delicious dishes in their Atelier.

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4, Rue du fossé, Luxembourg City


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Mon - Sat 10:00 - 18:00