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Every time I take this train – and that’s often  – I feel like I live in a fairytale land.  And every time I have visitors, I make sure they ride this line because of the amazing views of the city, the fortress, the valleys, the bridges.  “They could charge tourists 20 Euros for this”, I always say.  “15 at least!”   But they don’t – it’s absolutely free.

Take the train in the daytime, not only for the best views, but also to avoid hanging out by the main station at night.  That said, it’s a pretty station and easy to get your bearings.  Look for trains headed to Diekirch or Troisvierge.  You need to go in that direction.   Try to find a clean window – or open one – and prepare to be amazed from the moment you go through the first short tunnel all the way to the first stop,  just 6 minutes away.

That stop will be Kirchberg – it’s a big new station, perched high on the hillside.  If you find it daunting, just ride on two stops to Walferdange, where you can get off and admire the charming rose garden on the other side of the tracks, where you’ll take the 14-minute train ride back.  Of course, if you get off in Kirchberg, you can ride the funicular up and explore that part of the city.

I love this train so much, I even wrote a book of poetry about my daily commutes.  Train of Thought is available at local bookshops.

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