La Nana

Dernière modification le 25/08/2022 par Marcela Salamanca

I personally believe that a great city has great art. Sometimes it is not deemed great by spectators and sometimes it is controversial, causing a sense of unease when gazing upon it. Luxembourg Ville has one of my favorite sculptures because it makes you reflect on some feeling, urge or emotion inside.

La Grande Temperérance is one of Niki de Saint-Phalle’s famous Nanas. She is currently located on the grounds of the Ville Vauban, in the Parc Municipal. The colorful, playful, and cheerful-looking sculpture of a voluptuous woman dancing has previously caused a stir in Luxembourg and given its size, pose and colors, it is impossible to ignore.

In French, nana is translated to “broad” or “chick”, which at the time Niki was creating her Nanas would have been considered a somewhat controversial word to use. However, Niki’s inspiration for her Nanas was a friend’s pregnancy and these beautiful sculptures have come to represent a vision of ultimate femininity.

When looking at La Grande Temperérance, I truly want to get up and dance… I want to sing loudly and appreciate all that is me. I want everyone around me to join in with what I feel when I visit this Nana. Therefore, my challenge to you is to read up on Niki and then bring a blanket, find a nearby place on the grass, let your eyes take in this goddess-like Nana and look inward…what do you feel?

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