Cafe Litteraire le Bovary

Dernière modification le 21/10/2022 par Wendy Winn

I first discovered Bovary’s when I went to a book launch, and it’s absolutely the perfect spot for all things literary. It’s like an older relative’s house, if your older relative were a bibliophile auntie who knows Jane Austin novels by heart, has a flair for interior decorating and can whip you up a selection of tapas or some salmon pasta at moment’s notice.

I had attended numerous literary events and even intimate concerts here before it dawned on me – I could go to Bovary’s on my own, anytime. And why wouldn’t I? There are two rooms upstairs and one down, packed with cosy armchairs, a piano, tables for two and four with table lamps, pink walls and framed paintings, doilies, candles and books, books and more books everywhere.  Nice food, good drinks, and two gorgeous patio areas with fairy lights and lots of atmosphere… What are you waiting for? Book now!

Bovary’s on the outskirts of the city. Take the number 4 bus from Hamilius to Weimerskirch, get off at stop Krupp.

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1 Rue de Laroche, Luxembourg City


Tue - Fri 11:00 - 14:30 & 17:00 - 24:00, Sat 12:00 - 00:00