Fellner Contemporary

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Fellner Contemporary might house contemporary art, but it does so in one of the very oldest buildings in all of Luxembourg City. The exhibitions are always interesting and change frequently, so I make sure to drop in to see what’s new and often get to speak to the artists themselves. If I’m lucky, owner and gallerist Hans Fellner is there too – the man has about a dozen master’s degrees and PhDs and he’s interested not only in art but in everything and delightful to talk to. He’s the one who told me that this historic building dates back to early medieval times and used to be a warehouse of some sort. Rumour has it that it once was a morgue too, but it’s very much alive these days with art, ideas and inspiration. The ground floor space is small but just you wait – downstairs you’re plunged into a cloistered realm of ancient arches and vaulted ceilings and walls that Hans Fellner exquisitely hangs with art that will inspire, provoke and intrigue you.

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2a Rue Wiltheim, luxembourgcity


Painting : 550€


Wed - Sat 11:00 - 18:00