Pardon My Closet

Dernière modification le 19/05/2022 par Wendy Winn

I am a sucker for book titles – I still remember discovering Charles Bukowski when I saw his collection ‘Love is a Dog from Hell’ on the shelf at my university library and obviously had to check it out.  So when I walked by Pardon My Closet in the heart of Luxembourg city – well, I couldn’t walk by. Not only is the name cool, but it’s a second-hand store, a pop-up store that’s survived in a high-end city where people queue up for Chanel and Gucci. It’s small but not sparse, and a pair of knee-high boots on display immediately call out to me.

I stroll over and casually look at the heel to check the price. They’re Stuart Weitzman boots, in perfect condition, priced at 300 euros. Too bad they’re size 40 and I’m a 37 as if that’s why I walk away. But never fear – there is a wide range of goods here for men and women, all bought on consignment by the owner who has been running this store in different locations in the city for a few years now.

I leave with an impossibly soft grey dress with a circular cut out in the back, by Bernice, 90 percent wool, 10% cashmere.  At 20 euros, it’s a steal. You can try things on at Pardon my Closet, but I didn’t. When I get home, I wish I had. I’m not too worried though – I know a great little consignment shop I can take it to!

Useful information


8 rue Aldringen , Luxembourg City


Dress or blouse : 30€


Tue - Sat 11:00 - 19:00