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Located just before La Passerelle bridge you will find Kanounenhiwwel (also known as Canon Hill) which has a small, unassuming monument with significant meaning. The Monument National de la Solidarité Luxembourgeoise stands to represent all the victims of war and the solidarity Luxembourgish people demonstrated during WWII.

I visited the monument on a chilly, windy and overcast day. To be honest, it was not a visit I wanted to make, given the tensions in Europe at the time of writing. However, climbing the hill towards the monument allowed me to notice a large, powerful tree that gave me pause to reflect on its beauty, and I wondered what the tree must have seen throughout its years. I welcomed the warmth of the eternal flame and was reminded of the power of solidarity and belief in peace. As I turned around towards the road, I was gifted a beautiful view of the Pétrusse Valley. I thought about the importance of taking in the good that is around us.

While this monument may not be grand, it is powerful. It is not flashy, big nor imposing. In my humble opinion, this monument is just right, as I believe it reflects my experience of Luxembourg and its people: a small country with a deep-rooted belief in standing together.

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