Park Kinnekswiss

Dernière modification le 20/05/2024 par Wendy Winn

Every city needs a big sprawling lawn where people can throw down a blanket or a towel and stretch out on with a book or cuddle up and kiss as a couple; where they can throw a frisbee, spread out a picnic, do qi gong, kick off their shoes and just sit, surrounded by green grass.

Between the Glacis car park and the city centre is a little oasis of green, the Kinnekswiss. Last winter, a temporary ice rink was set up here, and in the summer, there’s a series of popular outdoor concerts called ‘Kinnekswiss loves … ‘ It’s also popular as a hang-out place, especially for high school kids who might sneak a cig or chug a beer with their besties, but it’s also a sunny spot for parents to let their children run in circles for a while and for people on their own to quietly soak up the sun.

No matter what’s happening there – or not –  I would always rather walk through this park than down the sidewalk along the main road it borders. Isn’t it a great thing when life’s a walk in the park? Luxembourg’s municipal parks run into each other –  you can just walk across the Kinnekswiss to get into town or to the Glacis and all the cool little places in Limptertsberg, or you can walk through it to the next sections of the park.

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