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The Bonnevoie trail is perhaps so well hidden that you might just stumble upon it and forget you are still in Luxembourg Ville! You will be mesmerized by how the city disappears as you become engulfed by luscious trees, art, and history as the Alzette River winds past you.

My recommended way of arriving is boarding the ligne 7 bus, Bonnevoie- Baden Powell, from the Gare Centrale and disembarking at the Baden Powell stop. Google mapping the “Tennis Club Bonnevoie Asbl” will take you in the general direction, but walk down Rue Anatole France towards the river. After passing numerous private gardens, you will be greeted by the now-defunct “Gantbeensmillen” outdoor pool buildings that are covered in colorful graffiti. A little further down the road, take the trail on your left-hand side and you will enter a magical world of trees and incredible rock formations. This trail will lead you through a short parkour workout circuit (never turn down a free, outdoor workout opportunity!) and towards a bridge with various sculptures surrounding it.

Crossing the bridge, you will find the “Schlaifmillen” artist residence and a “gallery” of large works of art that change depending on when you visit. Just past the sculptures, it will feel like you are in a private village. This area housed a former textile mill and several informational plaques are available for reading. Follow Rue Godchaux will take you back towards civilization…or you can turn back and enjoy more time in the trees!

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