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Taking public transportation in many cities is not enjoyable. Buses and trains may be late, dirty, expensive, and/or crowded. The opposite is true of Luxembourg as all public transportation (in the entire country) is FREE! It is clean, reliable, and due to the frequency of trains and buses, is rarely crowded.

Consequently, taking a tram ride from the Central Gare to LuxExpo gives you a great opportunity to see much of Luxembourg Ville. The Central Gare area is busy and has more “city” feeling than other parts. The actual central station is quite beautiful and worth experiencing. Once on the LuxExpo tram, you will make your way past the Place de Paris, which during the summer offers several outdoor dining options. Place des Martyrs is between Place de Paris and Place de Metz stops and is a beautiful rose garden with many benches to sit, people watch, and/or enjoy a snack from one of the many establishments nearby (preferably on a warm day!). Crossing over the Pont Adolphe, you will find yourself in the Ville Haute, which is full of luxury stores, bakeries, restaurants, and more. Continuing on, the tram will take you past the Grand Théâtre, across the Pont Grande-Duchess Charlotte, and past many important institutions and museums before arriving in Kirchberg.

While the planning of the tram was to provide citizens of Luxembourg accessible transportation, it also provides visitors an amazing opportunity to hop and off to explore the very beautiful Luxembourg Ville and its many offerings.

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