Labyrinthe Végétal & Central Park

Dernière modification le 16/05/2023 par Marcela Salamanca

The Labryrinthe Végétal, located next to Coque Sport Centre, appears to be nothing more than bushes surrounding public art. However, making time to get lost in this maze is well worth the tram ride from the city centre.

During the summer months, the greenery of the bushes provides excellent coverage for a game of hide-and-seek or tag. However, even in cooler weather, I have seen hoards of kids, teens and adults running through the maze, lost in their games! Located in the centre of the labyrinth is a piece called “Dendrite”, by Michel de Broin. The bright yellow structure is actually a lookout that can be climbed, providing a great overview of the maze and the surrounding Kirchberg area. A friendly suggestion, the seeker should not be allowed on Dendrite to use this vantage point!

Just behind the labyrinth, you’ll find quite a unique playground. It provides plenty of balancing and climbing challenges that lead all the way to an enormous (and quite high), fully covered slide. This is a popular playground and is busy at all times of the week and year.

Central Park, located adjacent to playground, has yet another small playground and a large area full of pétanque courts, picnic tables and sculptures to play on. Plenty of shade is available in summer months as there are numerous trees. This is a new find for me and I am excited to return once sunny, warm weather hits Luxembourg!

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