Walk the art

Walk the art

Explore art in an urban setting on this tour!

Walk the art

Embark on a 2-hour city tour with the Luxembourg City Tourist Office and explore art in an urban setting. In Luxembourg city, most works of art were installed between the mid 19th century and the early 2000s. From the 1990s onwards, more and more artworks were displayed in the public space for purely aesthetic reasons. During this guided tour, you will discover works of art which were created specifically for the public space and do not cultivate a culture of remembrance.

The duration of the tour is approximately 2 hours. The tour starts at Place Guillaume II and ends at Villa Vauban (Luxembourg City Art Museum) where you have the opportunity to buy a ticket to visit the current exhibition. More information can be found at villavauban.lu.

This tour is organised in collaboration with Lëtzebuerg City Museum and Villa Vauban.

Useful information


2 hours

Number of people
max. 8


For regular guided tours:


Adults 0€
Child from 4 to 12 years old 0€
Students and seniors 0€

For private guided tours:


Group from 1 to 8 people 110€

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