Knopes Coffee

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Knopes Café is known as the place with the best coffee in town, and one of the rare ones to roast their own coffee beans.

Knopes Café roast beans daily in order to offer maximum quality and make you discover the real characteristic flavor of roasted coffee. If you want to know more about it, they will be happy to explain to you the whole roasting process: the color of the beans, the aroma and even the sound of the beans while being roasted, or simply how to best prepare your coffee back at home.

You will find the whole range of roasted coffee beans in their café in the city center, but you can also just try it directly there, together with some sweet cake.

Personally, I love all their coffee varieties, and each time I go there I try some new ones, together with my favorite cake with “lemon & poppy seeds”.

In summer you can also enjoy a café frappé on their terrace.

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11, Avenue de la porte neuve, luxembourgcity


Coffee : 2€


Mon - Sat 08:00 - 18:00