Kirchberg. Photographs by Christian Aschman

The luca - Luxembourg Center for Architecture and the Fonds Kirchberg are exhibiting a photograph selection from Christian Aschman's documentary work on the Kirchberg Plateau.

For over fifteen years, the Fonds Kirchberg has entrusted distinguished representatives of contemporary photography with the mission of documenting the urban and architectural evolution of this territory in constant transformation. For the 2022-2023 edition, it's Christian Aschman's (b. 1966) turn to bring his photographic eye to this place where historical strata are juxtaposed and where new buildings appear while others disappear.

Driven by a desire for completeness, Christian Aschman crisscrossed the area for over a year, taking over fifty photographic sessions. During this exercise, he managed to access several buildings to capture views from above, revealing a world hidden from the pedestrian's eyes. Graphic lines drawn by chance or man's hand make up these bird's-eye views, carefully framed. The vegetation, sometimes controlled, sometimes luxuriant, appears as a subject in its own right, while humans rarely enter the composition. It's also the sheer size of the Plateau that we rediscover through this photographer's eyes with a passion for architecture.

Commissioner: Fonds Kirchberg

Curator and organiser: luca – Luxembourg Center for Architecture

Photographs: Christian Aschman

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