15 Years (15 Jahre) (LUXFILMFEST)

Chris Kraus, 143 min, 2023 - Germany, Austria, Luxembourg
Jenny, a piano prodigy, tries to find her footing in a Christian halfway house after serving a 15-year prison sentence for a murder she didn’t commit. After agreeing to play piano for the talented Syrian singer Omar on a televised music competition, she discovers that the show’s host is her former lover—and the man who framed her for the crime. Jenny’s growing desire to avenge past wrongs threatens her fragile future with Omar. 15 Years is the sequel to the internationally acclaimed prison drama Four Minutes. Hannah Herzsprung expertly reprises her role as Jenny, whose irascible temperament is offset by Hassan Akkouch’s memorable performance as the good-natured Omar. A film about between vengeance and forgiveness.   Accessible from 16 and over

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Kinepolis Kirchberg
45 avenue JF Kennedy


Ticket 9.5 €
Tarif réduit / Discount 7 €
Kulturpass 1.5 €


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