HVNGRY & HVNGRY for more

Grand Opening: 07.10.2023 as of 18h30 ECT

Artist Talk 19:00h (in English, simultaneous interpreting into French)

HVNGRY is a series of 7 portraits of non-binary women* and trans people, illustrating

archetypal figures often used to devalue, demonise, objectify or pathologize anyone

expressing a femininity that challenges the patriarchal, racist, capitalist and heteronormative norms: the Witch, the Bitch, the Hysterical, the Old, the Dyke, the Frigid. Using elements of the grotesque, drag and camp aesthetics, as well as through religious iconography, Valerie Reding creates surreal portraits that explore the notions of authenticity and artifice.

HVNGRY for more portrays queer, trans and BIPOC people with diverse bodies, cultural and social backgrounds, sexualities, gender identities and expressions. Strongly inspired by references to contemporary pop culture and the aesthetics of video games HVNGRY for more creates a space for free self-expression well beyond the binarity of gender or other reductive social attributes.

The portraits, costumes and make-up have been created by the artist with respect for the identities, gender expressions, desires, needs, limitations and individual biographies of the people portrayed.

Valerie Reding is a transdisciplinary artist and choreographer based in Zurich and Luxembourg. Her work is at the intersection of dance, photography, video, installation, drag and event production.

With the body at the heart of her work, she explores the potential of encounters with others, intimacy, shared vulnerability, transformation and camp

strategies to question the power relationships that run through our society.

A second exhibition by the artist entitled monsters will be on display at TROIS C-L in the Bonnevoie district from 3 November 2023 to 8 January 2024. As part of this exhibition, there will be an open and public discussion entitled AIMONS-NOUS? between William Cardoso (Unmute Power Abuse), Jen Lopes Santos (PAPAYA collective) and Valerie Reding. The panel discussion is scheduled from 5 to 6.30pm, and will be followed with a performance by the artist starting at 7pm.

Participation is free but registration is recommended at : [email protected]

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