03 March 2016

Printemps Musical 2016, world and jazz music festival


Press release of the Luxembourg City Tourist Office

Luxembourg, 3.3.2016

Printemps Musical 2016, world and jazz music festival: Arturo Sandoval, Nina Hagen, Ruthie Foster, Larry Carlton, Reis Demuth Wiltgen Trio feat. Joshua Redman, Ibrahim Maalouf, KhaliféSchumacherTristano, Silje Nergaard, Manu Dibango, Aline Frazao 

Luxembourg, 6.3. – 27.4.2016


The Luxembourg City Tourist Office (LCTO) is pleased to announce the detail of this year’s edition of the music festival Printemps Musical, which will take place from 6 March to 27 April 2016 in various concert venues in the city of Luxembourg. The 34th festival edition hosts ten concerts, which take place at Den Atelier, Neimënster or at the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, as well as a side cine-event.


The program features the following artists: the Cuban jazzman Arturo Sandoval, the German rebel icon Nina Hagen, the blues-folk vocalist Ruthie Foster, the famous guitarist Larry Carlton, the saxophone player Joshua Redman who shares the stage with the local trio Reis Demuth Wiltgen, Manu Dibango & Soul Makossa, the Angolan singer Aline Frazao, the pop-jazz vocalist Silje Nergaard as well as the trio Khalifé-Schumacher-Tristano.


The concert with the trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf on 31.3.2016 is already sold out!


The festival Printemps Musical is a highly appreciated part of the cultural offer of Luxembourg city. As an established festival and event promoter, Luxembourg City Tourist Office actively contributes to Luxembourg’s cultural dynamism and destination management policy and helps attracting thousands of visitors every year.

Sunday, 6.3.2016, 8 p.m.
Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, 33 rue Charles Martel, L – 2134 Luxembourg



A protégé of the legendary jazz master Dizzy Gillespie, Sandoval is one of the most dynamic and vivacious live performers of our time, seen by millions at the Oscars, at the Grammy Awards, and the Billboard Awards. Sandoval has been awarded 10 Grammy Awards, he has also received 6 Billboard Awards, an Emmy Award and had a HBO movie made about his life! Arturo Sandoval is fluent in at least four musical languages. He can burn through an Afro-Cuban groove, tear up a bebop tune, soar over a Mozart concerto and sooth you with a luscious ballad; with equal power and grace.

He was born in Artemisa, a small town in the outskirts of Havana, Cuba, on November 6, 1949, just two years after Gillespie became the first musician to bring Latin influences into American Jazz. Sandoval began studying classical trumpet at the age of twelve, it didn’t take him long to catch the excitement of the jazz world. He has since evolved into one of the world’s most acknowledged guardians of jazz trumpet and flugelhorn, as well as a renowned classical artist, pianist and composer. 

Price: 30€/ 25€/ 15€ + presales taxes
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Thursday, 10.3.2016, 8.30 p.m.

Den Atelier, 54 rue de Hollerich, L – 1740 Luxembourg


”akustic set”


Nina Hagen celebrates this year 45 years on stage. She is a unique personality, frequently described as the “raunchy vamp” and she has been wowing her fans with her music, in her own distinctive way, for decades. Virtually no other female German artist has enjoyed such success over so many years, constantly reinventing herself, whilst at the same time remaining true to herself. No matter which field Nina Hagen has dabbled in during her career, be it as musician, actress or jury member, she has done it her way and maintained her own style. But best of all she likes being on stage performing because this is where she can reveal her full potential. With her raw, expressive voice, great sense of humour and a bombastic stage presence she is a true phenomenon live. Nothing comes close! She was born for the stage and this is evident every time she appears. See Nina Hagen in concert, in the flesh, and brace yourself for an extravagant acoustic set which will enthral you. 

Nina Hagen: vocals, acoustic guitar
Warner Poland: guitar
Fred Sauer: keyboards
Michael Ryan: bass

Price : 35€ + presales taxes
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Wednesday, 16.3.2016, 8 p.m.

Neimënster, 28 rue Münster, L-2160 Luxembourg


Ruthie Foster’s style is a remarkable synthesis of blues and folk, mixed with gospel, pop and soul. Her powerful, velvety voice, an instrument in itself, draws regular comparisons with illustrious predecessors such as Mahalia Jackson, Aretha Franklin and Ella Fitzgerald. This grande dame of American music cannot fail to impress with her rich voice, her musical feeling and sense of rhythm and her infectious good humour. 

Raised in a family of Gospel singers, Ruthie Foster was immersed in the blues from her earliest childhood. Her wonderful album ”Runaway Soul” (2002) was released to critical acclaim and the public witnessed the emergence of a gifted singer. In June 2009, Ruthie Witness toured with ”The Blind Boys of Alabama”. The same year, her album ”The Truth According to Ruthie Foster” was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album. At the Blues Music Awards in May 2010, Ruthie was voted ”Best Contemporary Female Blues Artist of the Year”. 

Price: 25€ (presales taxes included)
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Wednesday, 23.3.2016, 8.30 p.m.  

Den Atelier, 54 rue de Hollerich, L – 1740 Luxembourg

Support act : Kid Colling Cartel


Combining his roots in blues and jazz with a crossover pop rock sensibility, Carlton's unmistakable sound is marked by his signature warm tone, bright melodies and soulful guitar solos. Four time Grammy winner, Titan of Tone award recipient and legendary guitar great, Larry Carlton is one of the most influential, prolific and original guitarists in the industry. Carlton established himself from his first recording, A Little Help From My Friends. His studio credits include musicians and groups like Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, Michael Jackson, Sammy Davis Jr., Herb Alpert, Quincy Jones, Bobby Bland, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and literally dozens of others. He went on to perform with the Crusaders and then with the multi platinum jazz super group Fourplay. With 30 albums to his credit and having performed on over 100 albums that have gone Gold or Platinum, Larry Carlton has set a standard for artistry that spans three decades.

Price : 25€ + presale taxes
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Saturday, 26.3.2016, 8 p.m.

Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, 33 rue Charles Martel, L – 2134 Luxembourg

REIS DEMUTH WILTGEN with special guest JOSHUA REDMAN (saxophone)


Pianist Michel Reis, bassist Marc Demuth and drummer Paul Wiltgen are three of Luxembourg’s most up and coming jazz musicians. Their self-titled first album was released on Laborie Jazz to widespread critical acclaim. Each band member composes music for the trio, with the aim to create a fresh and forward thinking overall sound, one that is strongly influenced by popular music and the singer/songwriter genre, but with a core sound that remains in modern jazz. The trio has acquired a worldly open mindedness and eagerness to bring their music to audiences worldwide. With their European style of melodic composition, set to an almost American sounding rhythm section that is exciting and dynamic, yet grounding and settled, Reis-Demuth-Wiltgen share the diversity of current jazz and a laid-back Europe. 

Especially for this Printemps Musical – concert, the trio will be joined by Joshua Redman (saxophone) who is currently one of the most renowned and charismatic jazz performers. Joshua Redman has been stirring audiences around the world with his passionate and thoughtful playing since 1993, when his self-titled debut album made him a star. In addition to his own solo projects, Redman has recorded and played with musicians such as Brian Blade, Ray Brown, Dave Brubeck, Chick Corea, the Dave Matthews Band, Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, BB King, Yo Yo Ma, Pat Metheny, Marcus Miller, The Rolling Stones and Stevie Wonder. Joshua Redman has been nominated for 2 Grammy awards and has won praise from critics and readers alike in surveys by DownBeat, Jazz Times, The Village Voice and Rolling Stone. 

Michel Reis, piano
Marc Demuth, bass
Paul Wiltgen, drums
Joshua Redman, saxophone

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Thursday, 31.3.2016, 8.30 p.m.   

Den Atelier, 54 rue de Hollerich, L – 1740 Luxembourg




The concert with the trumpeter Ibrahim Maaloouf on 31.3.2016 is already sold out!

A pioneering figure in the world of contemporary jazz thanks to his fusion of pop, soul, electro, hip-hop, and French chansons with the music of his Lebanese roots, Ibrahim Maalouf is widely regarded as one of the most gifted trumpeters of his generation. His recent album Red and Black Light is an ode to the woman of today and her founding, essential role in the hope of a better world. Centred on an aesthetic that’s more contemporary, more electro (or even pop), this album is made up of his own compositions, plus one song from today’s diva Beyoncé. 

Ibrahim Maalouf has been awarded by many international prizes, including classical prizes, and he has also reached the first place at the national conservatory of Paris’ awards (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris). He has always been multicultural in his collaborations, all his featuring shows that this artist does not stop to one musical genre. Ibrahim has already played with Sting, Amadou et Mariam, Matthieu Chédid (M), Marcel Khalifé, Salif Keita… 

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Friday, 8.4.2016, 8 p.m.

Neimënster, 28 rue Münster, L - 2160 Luxembourg




As the first in a long line of Norwegian singers, Silje Nergaard has become a figurehead of modern Scandinavian pop jazz in this part of the world. Pat Metheny helped to kick-start her debut and today – 15 albums later – she is one of the true greats in her genre. A wonderful songwriter and singer, equally at home with smooth ballads and big numbers from the American Songbook, homely lullabies and rock and pop hits. Along with her two guitarists Havar Bendiksen and Hallgrim Bratberg, she brings to the stage a glorious mix of jazz, funk, pop, mellow ballads, Scandinavian folklore, singing technique and dexterity, all presented with pure musical enjoyment and passion.

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Friday, 15.4.2016, 8.30 p.m.

Den Atelier, 54 rue de Hollerich, L – 1740 Luxembourg


Support act : Valérie Ekoumé

In the 70ies, he had his first and biggest hit "Soul Makossa" which made him sell millions of records worldwide. Manu started to play a key role in the musical exchange between Africa, Europe and the USA. While "Soul Makossa" only marked the beginning of an exciting career which now lasts over half a century, Manu kept being inventual and producing new music all the time. During his entire musical career Manu takes secret pleasure in breaking the musical chapels, building bridges between continents and throwing passageways between tradition and the sounds of future. At his early eighties, he is still full of energy and a fantastic live musician who blows his saxophone with the groove of his body & soul. 

Manu Dibango, saxophone & vocals
Raymond Doumbe, bass
Guy Nwogang, drums
Patrick Marie-Magdelaine, guitar
Julien Agazar, keyboards
Isabel Gonzalez, vocals
Valérie Belinga, vocals

Price : 25€ + presales
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Wednesday, 20.4.2016, 8.30 p.m.

Den Atelier, 54 rue de Hollerich, L – 1740 Luxembourg



The music of KhaliféSchumacherTristano is so multifaceted that it can be interpreted differently, depending on who is listening. Those who are used to listening to classical music will detect the appropriate gravity; among his many musical talents, Francesco Tristano is known for his Bach interpretations. Jazz fans will be gratified by the improvisations; Pascal Schumacher is a master in dealing with freely-explored musical spaces. And then there is Bachar Khalifé; with his roots in the Arabic musical culture as well as the French scene’s rhythmically colorful sound world, he stands for the acoustic moments that mirror faraway places. The musicians play with melodic, harmonic and rhythmic self-assurance and at the same time leave their traditional terrain as they seek a group sound that embodies the three individuals in equal measure. Their music is safety and risk in one, a system of contrasts and extremes that finds its common denominator without losing its idiosyncrasies. That’s why each listener can discover something different. (Ralf Dombrowski)

Bachar Mar-Khalifé has been nominated for the ECHO Jazz 2016 Award for International Instrumentalist of the Year, drums/percussion, for the album Afrodiziak produced by Monday Night Productions, Luxembourg and released by MPS (Edel), Germany.  The ECHO, the German equivalent of the Grammy, is an established and well known music award in the world and will take place at "Auf Kampnagel" in Hamburg on May 26, 2016.

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Wednesday, 27.4.2016, 8 p.m.

Neimënster, 28 rue Münster, L-2160 Luxembourg




Singer songwriter Aline Frazão is one of a promising new generation of musicians from Angola. She navigates effortlessly through different styles, from traditional music of Angola and Cape Verde to bossa nova, fado, and jazz. This is the result of a life of travel and musical encounters that took her to places like Lisbon, Paris, Buenos Aires, and Madrid. 

Aline was born and raised in Luanda, the capital of Angola, where she began singing in a school choir at the age of nine. In 2010 she moved to Santiago de Compostela to dedicate herself entirely to her career in music. She accompanies herself on guitar in a combination of original songs and other repertoire from Angola, Brazil, and Cape Verde. She has been writing songs since the age of fifteen, but it was particularly in the bars of Madrid where she combined these different kinds of music into a style of her own. Her definitive breakthrough came in 2010 at the Galician festival ”Cantos na Maré” for the various cultures in Portugal.

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